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Fitness and PErsonal Training

Online and Boutique Personal Training

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8 Week Programmes to kickstart your fitness journey

In Person or Online

1 x session £40

10 x session £300

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PT Session -

Pay as you go


Personal Training


PT Sessions -

10 sessions

Offline gym Beginner PAckage (PDF)



Offline Home Beginner PAckage (PDF)

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David spent over thirty five years in the corporate world as a senior executive, he decided to step away from that world as he moved into semi-retirement and pursue something he enjoys and has been of great benefit to him – Personal Training.

David is the first to admit he’s not a natural athlete or sportsman, quite the opposite. He understands the struggle people have with maintaining exercise discipline, healthy diet and managing self-esteem issues. Crucially, He’s experienced the challenges people face on their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. For him, that journey was from being unfit, and carrying thirty-eight inches on his waist, to being active, in shape and thoroughly enjoying both personal training sessions and his own time working out.

“If I can do it in my sixties, anyone can, and I want to show people how.” - David

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Matt began his fitness and martial arts training while studying at university. He was out of shape and, as a new years resolution, decided to lose some weight. Matt took up martial arts, as well as training in the gym to achieve his goals.

While working on losing some weight and getting in better shape, Matt fell in love with martial arts and began training in multiple disciplines. He trained for several years in non-competitive martial arts believing he was too old to compete. Matt decided to test himself and began competing and in 2021 won a national title in K1.

Matt has ran his own business for the best part of 10 years, working with hundreds of clients. He is friendly and approachable and shares his passion for fitness and martial arts with all of his clients.

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About Us

The Fitness Institute - Teesside, is a fitness community dedicated to helping people of all ages and abilities to achieve their fitness goals. Our dedicated team will provide full support throughout your fitness journey.

F.I Teesside,

Ingleby Barwick,

Stockton on Tees

TS17 0XE

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Phone: 07506092246


Our 8 week programmes are designed to provide full support along your fitness journey. The programmes are split into 5 sections that are outlined below:

  • Information Booklet - the Information Booklet provides relevant information for taking on a fitness-related goal. the goal may be weight loss, building muscle or just increasing general fitness and improving diet. The information booklet provides simple - concise information that will help you reach your goal.
  • Workout Booklet - the Workout Booklet provides a template 8 week workout programme. The supporting booklets provide information on how to make your workouts progressive, and even design your own by the end of the 8 weeks.
  • Nutrition Booklet - the Nutrition Booklet has a template diet programme that can be adjusted for the required goal. The nutrition booklet contains all the relevant information to identify required calorie intakes for your goal as well as essential information for programming a successful diet. The Nutrition Booklet also contains some great, healthy recipes to get you started.
  • The Workbook - the Workbook contains supporting documents to help with planning, programming and tracking successfully on your fitness journey
  • Instruction Booklet - the Instruction Booklet contains step by step instructions on how to follow the programme on its intended path. All of these booklets work individually as resource documents but the instruction booklet will guide you on the intended purpose of the 8 week programmes.

Home and Gym 8 Week Programmes available for £35

PErsonal Training

Personal Training packages can be purchased on a pay as you go basis or as a block of 10 sessions. Block bookings include:

  • 10 personal training sessions that are tailored for each individual. Delivered by one of our fully qualified, and experienced trainers.
  • Nutrition plans, diet programmes and tracking.
  • Training in one of our boutique gyms (located in Teesside) or from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world via online training.

You can connect with us through

the following channels:

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